Bonus Content Lyrical Lesson – How to Have Constructive Conversations Across Differences

I recently learned about the music artist Terrian, but the simple, clean sound of her style and the passionate, powerful delivery of her vocals have made her a quick favorite. The video for her song, Let Love Lead, complements Dr. Rivera’s message so well because it illustrates the entanglement the entire Church is in due to sin such as racism and sexism. Though all of the nuances, complexities, and holistic impact of shalom healing can not be captured in a video, the imagery clearly shows the effect of freedom as we choose to “reset” our churches to model the biblical standard of “vertical and horizontal” righteousness.

Terrian – Let Love Lead –



Ep. 3 Lyrical Lesson – Remarkable Christianity?

The song “Brother” by The Brilliance provides a melody to the message Dr. Ruben Rivera stresses. When we see “the other”, the Samaritan we don’t agree with, as our brother (daughter, father, etc.), then we no longer disregard their humanity in the midst of our disagreements. This is the remarkable Christianity that Christ models and the Church, if we so choose, is empowered to share.

This video was created by NSPIRE Outreach, I own no rights.


Ep. 2 Lyrical Lesson – The Privilege of Complexity

Similar to our guest Dr. Ruthanne Crapo Kim, the artist Propaganda delivers thought-provoking, intellectually grounded, and authentically vulnerable passion to his music. His identity as a believer in Christ is accompanied with a resolve to honestly share the process of his faith by confronting his own questions and weaknesses while embracing paradigms of wonder. In his album Crooked, the first and last songs complete a meta narrative of Isaiah 45:2, “I will go before you and make the crooked paths straight” (NKJV). Both songs encompass the messages discussed in this episode.


Propaganda – Crooked Ways


Propaganda – Made Straight


The Church and White Supremacy Introduction Episode – Lyrical Lesson

I learned about the artist Laura Mvula in kairos timing. Her music has complemented and encouraged my discovery and deeper understanding of  who I am in Christ. As I have healed from the lies I learned and believed in the past, I’m encountering the delight God has in revealing to me all of who I am. I hear that joy and the simple, profound freedom of true identity in Laura Mvula’s music.


Overcome – Laura Mvula


Ep. 4 Lyrical Lesson – How to Forgive & Be Forgiven

Lauryn Hill was the artist of my adolescence. Exposure to her music provided a model of the depth, beauty, and creativity of African-American women. It was a brick in the foundation of understanding who I am and my value as a believer birthed in brown skin. She also gave voice to some of my perceptions and feelings, which confirmed my experiences were not a figment of my imagination or inconsequential. Her voice inspired me to find my own.  I will always be sincerely grateful.

Lauryn Hill – Forgive Them Father



Ep1 Lyrical Lesson – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

As I stated in the first episode of the H.U.E Podcast, I believe the Church has the only sustainable, pervasive and thoroughly redemptive solution to the crippling division between ethnic and cultural people groups in our country and the world. Not because we responded positively to the gospel, but because we repeatedly choose to be stripped of whatever hinders us from being like Jesus.


Lecrae ft. For King and Country –