Ep. 4 Lyrical Lesson – Teaching Multi-Ethnic Children to Embrace and Value Their Cultural Heritages

I recently re-discovered the potent and soulful music of Emeli Sandé. I chose her latest song Intermission for this episode because both art forms establish a standard and atmosphere of transparency and reflection. Intermission calls for an intentional break to rest, recover, heal, forgive and be forgiven. The song serves as a reminder that we cannot effectively move forward without periodically stopping to learn  a healthy understanding of who we are, what we need, and in the context of this podcast, the true identity that God has given us.


Emeli Sandé – Intermission


Ep. 3 Lyrical Lesson – How Can I Teach a White Child to Challenge Racism without Guilt or Shame?

When Pastor Jamey referenced the song I Need You to Survive as a source of inspiration and encouragement, I immediately thought of my childhood church. Our programs garnered media attention during Black History Month and MLK celebrations, and in several of those programs our youth group performed to the song. I remember passionately expressing the beautiful and powerful message of the song to every person sitting in the pews. It wasn’t uncommon to see individuals quietly weeping, whether they were a stranger passing through or a familiar face. The message of this song is timeless and reiterates Pastor Jamey’s call for love in action.


I Need You to Survive – Hezekiah Walker


Ep. 2 Lyrical Lesson – How Can I Ground a BIPOC Child in Honest History and the Value of Their Voice?

Tobe Nwigwe, Nell, and Fat’s music has been a balm to my soul since I first heard it. The magnetic aura of their songs gives testament to Tobe’s mission of “making purpose popular”. Their song Shine aligns with the message in this episode to equip BIPOC children with the  foundation of their identity and heritage so their voices may resonate with confidence and peace.


Shine – Tobe Nwigwe


Ep. 1 Lyrical Lesson – Transracial Adoption: How Can I Teach A Heritage That Is Not My Own?

Listening to Liz Vice’s music is like soaking your soul in a warm bath – it calms, it centers, it soothes. Her song The Source speaks of our minds and souls, asking “Expand Thy wings, celestial dove, Brood over our souls night, Replace it with Your love, On our troubled spirits, move, And let there now be light, Replace the lies with truth”.


The Source – Liz Vice


What Do We Tell the Children?: How to Talk to a Child About Race and Identity Introduction Episode – Lyrical Lesson

The arrival of Maverick City music on the worship scene has been a beautiful mash-up of my old school church music memories, modern musical styles, and holistic faith that looks at the Truth while also engaging reality. In a recent post about this song I stated, “This is why I speak to racism in the church without belittling, dismissing, or condemning her. This is why the church can be confronted and called out on the sin of racism without collapsing under the weight of the change repentance requires.”


Remember – Maverick City Music


Bonus Content Lyrical Lesson – How to Have Constructive Conversations Across Differences

I recently learned about the music artist Terrian, but the simple, clean sound of her style and the passionate, powerful delivery of her vocals have made her a quick favorite. The video for her song, Let Love Lead, complements Dr. Rivera’s message so well because it illustrates the entanglement the entire Church is in due to sin such as racism and sexism. Though all of the nuances, complexities, and holistic impact of shalom healing can not be captured in a video, the imagery clearly shows the effect of freedom as we choose to “reset” our churches to model the biblical standard of “vertical and horizontal” righteousness.

Terrian – Let Love Lead – https://www.iamterrian.com/



Ep. 3 Lyrical Lesson – Remarkable Christianity?

The song “Brother” by The Brilliance provides a melody to the message Dr. Ruben Rivera stresses. When we see “the other”, the Samaritan we don’t agree with, as our brother (daughter, father, etc.), then we no longer disregard their humanity in the midst of our disagreements. This is the remarkable Christianity that Christ models and the Church, if we so choose, is empowered to share.

This video was created by NSPIRE Outreach, I own no rights.


Ep. 2 Lyrical Lesson – The Privilege of Complexity

Similar to our guest Dr. Ruthanne Crapo Kim, the artist Propaganda delivers thought-provoking, intellectually grounded, and authentically vulnerable passion to his music. His identity as a believer in Christ is accompanied with a resolve to honestly share the process of his faith by confronting his own questions and weaknesses while embracing paradigms of wonder. In his album Crooked, the first and last songs complete a meta narrative of Isaiah 45:2, “I will go before you and make the crooked paths straight” (NKJV). Both songs encompass the messages discussed in this episode.


Propaganda – Crooked Ways


Propaganda – Made Straight


The Church and White Supremacy Introduction Episode – Lyrical Lesson

I learned about the artist Laura Mvula in kairos timing. Her music has complemented and encouraged my discovery and deeper understanding of  who I am in Christ. As I have healed from the lies I learned and believed in the past, I’m encountering the delight God has in revealing to me all of who I am. I hear that joy and the simple, profound freedom of true identity in Laura Mvula’s music.


Overcome – Laura Mvula