Ep. 2 The Privilege of Complexity – Dr. Ruthanne Crapo Kim

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*SPECIAL NOTE – If you have not done so, please listen to the Introduction Episode of this series first. (scroll down)*

This is the second guest interview in the series: Will the Church Ever be Free of White Supremacy?

*NOTE: Suicide is briefly discussed in this interview.*

In this episode, Dr. Ruthanne Crapo Kim demonstrates the courage of authenticity to disrupt the norm of hurtful stereotypes. She also emphasizes the distinction between healing versus accepting others expectations as a cure, or standard, to live up to. Dr. Ruthanne points to the healing liberation of the Gospel, to inspires us to adopt paradigms of wonder and curiosity about those around us and the complexity of their stories.

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The next episode with Dr. Ruben Rivera will be released on Friday, June, 19th.


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