Ep. 3 Resources – Remarkable Christianity?

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  1. Karen Rabinovitch Avatar
    Karen Rabinovitch


    Thank you and Alyssa for this podcast. I appreciate the resources you are providing! I found Dr. Rivera riveting, engaging, and super helpful. I am thankful for all of his work, all that the Lord as brought him through, and how, by the God of all comfort, can comfort others and teach us… teach me. Dr. Rivera read an excerpt from his poem, “Heaven is Other People”, is there a way to see the entire poem and other things that he has written? I could not find that he has published them, however I am probably not looking in the right place.

    Thank you!

    1. Ebony Avatar

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for sharing how the episode impacted you! I shared your words with Dr. Rivera. I also asked about the “Heaven is Other People” poem and he informed me it is not yet published. However, he is planning on publishing a book of poems in the future. Thank you again for your comment and please share this podcast with others you think would be encouraged by it!


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