Ep. 1 Lyrical Lesson – Healing from Racial Trauma

I had to reference Laura Mvula again as this song directly denounces the lie that white culture is a standard (i.e. in church practices, in social behavior, in paradigms/perceptions) that all other groups not classified as white should live up to or emulate.

That’s Alright – Laura Mvula



The Church and White Supremacy Introduction Episode – Lyrical Lesson

I learned about the artist Laura Mvula in kairos timing. Her music has complemented and encouraged my discovery and deeper understanding of  who I am in Christ. As I have healed from the lies I learned and believed in the past, I’m encountering the delight God has in revealing to me all of who I am. I hear that joy and the simple, profound freedom of true identity in Laura Mvula’s music.


Overcome – Laura Mvula