What Do We Tell the Children?: How To Talk to a Child About Race and Identity – Introduction Episode

Welcome to the H.U.E Podcast!

This is the introduction episode to the series: What Do We Tell the Children?: How to Talk to a Child About Race and Identity

As your hosts (Ebony and Bibi), in this episode we introduce ourselves, speak on the highlights that stood out to us in the series, and share quotes that bring us hope when we are weary or discouraged.

We believe the experience, insight, and wisdom of the series’ guests will equip you with principles and practical advice on teaching race, identity, and antiracism to children.

Visit ebonyramquist.com to view the resources we discuss and listen to the Lyrical Lesson partnered with this episode.



  1. Jacy Steinfort says

    Thanks so much Ebony & Bibi! Just finished listening. So great to hear your voices and so exciting you are doing this to educate, equip, challenge and encourage. I’m excited to keep learning!

    • Ebony says

      Thank you Jacy! It’s always encouraging to hear how the podcast is blessing others. When you have an opportunity please rate and review us on the platform you use to listen to podcasts!

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